Adding Site Logo Support

As of WordPress v4.5 which is schedulled for release on 12th April the core team has announced that universal site logo function will be included. This means all theme developers have to do is declare the support via add_theme_support( 'custom-logo', size ) action and WordPress will do the rest.

So here’s how to go about adding the declaration and the required function that will generate the output of the logo for us.

WordPress 4.5 support for custom logo
The results for “add_theme_support( ‘custom-logo’, size )”

If you have any questions or suggestions on improving the implementation please feel free to leave a comment and lets have a conversation.

Actions In The WordPress Repository

Actions has been submitted for review to the Review Team with the hope of getting it hosted in the repository. As we understand, this may take up to 3 months given the current que – you can follow its progress here: Actions Under Review!

In the meantime the theme is available on GitHub if you’dlike to take for a test drive – just click on the ribbon at the top right hand corner to download.

Actions is a free open source WordPress released under the terms of the GPL and you are welcome to fork and use it to create something awesome – just remember to follow the rules of attribution (see the readme.txt) and keep it GPL please.

Any feedback, suggestions and pointers to inprove the framework are very welcome and will be very much appreciated.

Have fun with Actions!

Getting Off The Ground

Phase 1 is underway!

Mission: Build a free action hook based WordPress theme to be used as a parent theme for quick and easy theme/site development project.

Goal: The main goal for Actions is to allow developer to extend the theme functionality via either a child theme or a functionality plugin.

You: If you are a developer and wish to work with and/or contribute to Actions please start by clicking on the GitHub banner on the top right hand corner and fork the theme. All contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Next?: Take “Action” and build something cool with Actions and share it with the world – the WordPress world. You do not have to release your work for free – just remember to keep it GPL please 🙂

Here’s what I’ve done with Actions via a child theme simply named WooActions: WooActions WPDocker App – as the name implies, its a WooCommerce child theme.

Test Drive WooActions?: WooActions is a premium theme and you can take it for 7 days free trial here: WooActions Launch.

Any Questions?: Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

WooActions – A Child theme for Actions!