Header Controls – Site Title And Menu Side By Side

NOTE: This tutorial is for the Pro version of Actions!

The default header layout looks like the image below i.e Site Title + Header widget(Not eneabled in the image), followed by the Parallax and then the Menu bar.
To get the Site title and the menu bar to be on the same line with the title to the left and the menu on the right follow these steps.

1: Go to the customizer and click on the “Header Options” tab  which will slide open to reveal 4 sections – for out purpose at this moment we are only interested in the “Header Control” section.

2: Click on the “Header Control” section to reveal our controls – see image below

HeaderControls Partial1


HeaderControls Partial2


3: First, disable the Header Widget by unchecking the box on it’s control bar. Second, hover over the Actions Primary Navigation bar and a 4 pointer will appear. Left click, hold, drag and drop the menu bar just below the “Actions Site Branding” bar

4: In the same screen, scroll further down till you see the options as show in the “HeaderControls Partial2” image above.
5: Leave all options as is and just check the “Menu Position” box which should move the menu bar in line with the Site title – see below image

a) Visit Customizer >> Header Options >> Header Controls
b) In the upper part of the pane, disable the Header Widget and Move Actions Primary Navigation to below the Actions Site Branding bar.
c) In the lower part of the pane, check the “Menu Position” checkbox.

The result: You should now have both the Site Title and the Navigation menu on the same line. Proceed with other customization as desired and enjoy 🙂