Getting Off The Ground

Phase 1 is underway!

Mission: Build a free action hook based WordPress theme to be used as a parent theme for quick and easy theme/site development project.

Goal: The main goal for Actions is to allow developer to extend the theme functionality via either a child theme or a functionality plugin.

You: If you are a developer and wish to work with and/or contribute to Actions please start by clicking on the GitHub banner on the top right hand corner and fork the theme. All contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Next?: Take “Action” and build something cool with Actions and share it with the world – the WordPress world. You do not have to release your work for free – just remember to keep it GPL please πŸ™‚

Here’s what I’ve done with Actions via a child theme simply named WooActions: WooActions WPDocker App – as the name implies, its a WooCommerce child theme.

Test Drive WooActions?: WooActions is a premium theme and you can take it for 7 days free trial here: WooActions Launch.

Any Questions?: Feel free to leave a comment below πŸ™‚

WooActions – A Child theme for Actions!

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